#still life with banana skin

So this time i tried to think like Valerie Solanas- yep, woman who attempted to kill Andy Warhol. She is also known for writing ‘SCUM Manifesto’ (1967; by herself), which she sold in Cafes in Greenwich Village- the price was depending on the sex; it costed 1 $ for women and 2$ for men.

She hated all of the men. ‘Every man, deep down, knows he’s a worthless piece of shit’- she wrote. Or: “To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo. It’s often said that men use women. Use them for what ?Surely not pleasure.”

Hope You Guys do love each other- doesn’t matter, men or women. But i hope too You’ll like my work =)





12 thoughts on “#still life with banana skin

  1. Very powerful message of your art work. I can tell and sense the feel of the art of men being such ‘A-holes’ and how men are so cruel and mean to women. I’m so glad I don’t hang out with men because I know how men are and its boring to me and men just make every conversation feel awkward.

    Beautiful art. I love this.

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    1. Hmm not all of them… some are nice… ;)) but like i said- it ‘came’ from Valerie’s traumatic experience with men. Thank Youuuu for Your compilemt and attention!! 🙂

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      1. Yes, not all men are mean or cruel. There are good men out there…sometimes, its hard to find good men who are trust worthy and are respectful.

        My girlfriend the other day told me – that she’s happy to have found someone like me in her life. It makes me happy to know.

        But, yes, I know what you mean…Valerie’s story. I’ve never read her manifesto but I’m very curious now to buy it and read it.

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