#biblia pauperum #St. Sebastian #perizoma

Indonesia debates the death penalty for homosexuals; premarital sex should be punishable.

I don’t agree. Are people just another trophy?


Indonesia plans to criminalize any extramarital sexual relations. In particular, homosexuals are in the sights of the ultraconservatives. The first Islamist party, PAN, is already demanding the death penalty for them. So far the other parliamentary groups do not want to go- yet. But if the pattern of the past few years persists, after which the Islamists make a political push that seems unthinkable at first, until they do not enforce it much later, that will come too.

At least this year, possibly in the next few weeks, the “crime” of loving another person of the same sex will be punished with several years in prison. The law could only stop the Indonesian president, as far as nothing is hinted at. For example, Islamists have triumphed again after last year’s arrest of the most prominent Christian politician in the country, ex-governor of the capital Jakarta, for two years for “insulting the Koran”.

The developments in Indonesia have implications far beyond the country. Because Indonesia is not just any state. Indonesia was until recently held by Western politicians and experts as a prime example of a moderate Islam, indeed as a model for reconciling Islam and democracy. The latest developments are shocking, but not surprising. They have been signed off for years. Whoever did not want to accept that was the West.





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