The non- biodegradable Venus


In the beginning i wanted to create the Stone Hedge built out of the plastic trash; as the heritage after our civilization. And some day i do will make it πŸ˜‰


Through the permanent consuming the micro- plastic (mostly unconscious; through the food we eat, air we breath and so on) little by little we are getting plastic.

We do have the influence on the evolution- it is not perceived by the scientists, but it happens; some parallel evolution.

It’s like the smartphone- thumb- our children will have it shaped another way we do

or the woman’s body- does the corset have an influence on the evolution and how woman’s body look like?



The second point is- the figures of Venus are really tiny ones (for example Venus from Willendorf measures 11 cm); they come from the Neolithic Period.

(Curves were typical of the woman’s figure which was supposed to symbolize fertility)

Neolithic was very special; Erich Fromm wrote, that this period was the beginning of the aggression using- archaeologists haven’t found any signs of violence on the dug-out bodies from previous periods.

Our brain evolved also (cerebral Cortex, which plays a key role in consciousness, language, feelings (we actually feel love from that point ;)), ability to abstract thinking, memory, attention, perception, awareness… It’s the most precious part of us, i think.

This was the point of time in history, when people began to pay for the work (not with the money, it could be sth for eat or another form of ‘payment’)- it’s the very beginning of the capitalistic system. And today we can see the consequences- packed in the yellow garbage bags (In Germany it is “Gelber Sack”- gave from the government to put all of Ur plastic belongings into and throw it out so U make the place for a new stuff (which i used to make the skin of my sculpture / installation- the inner organs are made of plastic- i was going to the stores and received a lot of this material)

We become non biodegradable human beings. Our gods are made out of the random artifacts.

Actually i wanted to put my sculpture next to the road, where one leaves the rubbish to take away. And then wait for the garbage collectors and see how they’ll react πŸ˜‰



The Group- Exhibition “Anderweitig” took place in Voelksen, Hermannshof (near to the Hannover; Lower Saxony)


Work in progress πŸ˜‰





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